Case Study: 01

A 42 year old female patient reported with a complaint with swelling in the lower front teeth region since 1 year. Palpation – The swelling was soft in consistency, non fluctuant in nature with no pus discharge.

Scan report

Scan revealed, a well defined radiolucency extending from the crestal bone margins of teeth (premolars to premolars) with evidence of root resorption and an impacted (floating) tooth, within the radiolucent area with no scalloped borders.

CYST enucleation carried out under General Anesthesia along with extraction of the involved teeth with thorough debridement with saline and betadine. Hemostatis was achieved prior to closure

Suture done and review after 1 week

specimen sent for HPE(Biopsy)

Biopsy report and review after 1 month..Tooth replacement to be done after 1 month.